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Bottle neck tags are a popular printing product among advertisers, throughout many wineries, oil producers and other manufacturers also rely on our expertise when it comes to printing bottle tags. We put your ideas on a 65 x 140-mm tag, which is then attached to bottles of water, wine, oil or spirits. For example, print the hip new cocktail on your tag if you want to make your spirits more attractive, or add a tasty recipe for a great salad to your fresh and tangy olive oil! Ideal print product for advertising campaigns Bottle tags are an excellent way for advertising agencies to promote cross-selling products and can be part of competitions and other marketing campaigns.

Customize the look of the bottles in such way that they are in line with the look and feel of your party, give the bottles your own personal touch or design your office with our stunning bottle tags. Wabs Print uses the highest quality materials and printing techniques to deliver you the best results!